Committed to providing first-class solutions for thermal technology and thermal engineering

        Committed to providing first-class solutions for thermal technology and thermal engineering

        About Risine

        brief introduction

           Hefei risine Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D, production and sales of high-temperature heat treatment equipment. It is located in Hefei, Anhui Province, the technological city of "the hometown of the Three Kingdoms and Bao Zheng". With a long history and culture, and a strong teaching and research atmosphere, it has laid a solid foundation for the vigorous development of the enterprise.Since its establishment in 1998, the company has rapidly grown into an electric kiln production and manufacturing enterprise with strong R & D strength, complete design tools, advanced processing technology and complete production equipment, with an annual production capacity of 300 sets of experimental electric furnaces and 120 sets of industrial kilns.It has established long-term and friendly cooperative relations with more than ten famous universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, such as China University of science and technology, Hefei University of technology, Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong University, Nanyang University of technology of Singapore, and has become the designated experimental base of the University of science and technology of China, the "new experimental base of production, study and research" and the "practice base of postgraduate joint training" of Hefei University of industry.

               The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a project undertaker of science and technology innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, and an innovative pilot enterprise in Hefei city. It has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, owned the trademark registration right of the enterprise, self operated import and export operation right. It has won the key new product certificate of Anhui Province, science and technology progress award of Hefei City, and more than 30 national new product patent certificates.

               Since its establishment, the company has determined the business strategy of relying on technology to develop market space. On the basis of adhering to traditional technology, the company continuously introduces new technology, digests and absorbs new technology, develops continuously and innovates.With the product values of "professional quality, scientific and technological innovation" and the enterprise spirit of "Rixin, Shengde, Duzhi and Xingxing", we have meticulously built the first-class brand of Chinese kilns - "Rixin" kilns.

               Now the company has set up three business divisions, one is the experimental furnace, mainly for domestic and foreign university laboratories and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, to meet their different processes, different materials for scientific research and experiment; the other is the industrial electric furnace, mainly used in the drying, rubber discharging, curing, pre burning, firing, welding, ceramic metallization and other industries of electronics, chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, etcThe third is the special equipment for high-performance fiber, which is mainly used in the development and production of carbon fiber materials, polyimide fiber materials and other new materials. Some key technologies of the equipment have filled the gaps in China.


        Leaders Oration


         Farewell to the old year and start anew. Welcome to the new year. The wind and rain do not want to rush the years. Flying snow intends to welcome the spring again.

              The unforgettable year of 2015 has passed together, and the brand-new 2016 has arrived at the moment as scheduled.Looking back on the extraordinary years, recalling the dark change of time.

              2015Year is a landmark year in the history of new development of Japan. It is also the year when new employees grow fastest and gain the most.2015 is about to turn into a beautiful memory for us. After going through the past, the sweat of struggle has just been wiped away. Looking back on the journey, the smile of victory is unfolding. We will meet hand in hand, savor the glory of this journey and be moved. Looking forward to the Ming Dynasty, we will go hand in hand.Although time does not live, heaven pays for diligence.Opportunities contain splendor, and practical work makes great achievements. I believe that all friends will make great achievements in the years they have passed and leave their own splendor in the long river of history.

              The law returns to spring and warms up, and the mountains and rivers change day by day.New year, new weather, new journey.New hope, we left footprints to yesterday, we grasp today with action, we sketch tomorrow with struggle, in the new year, opportunities and challenges, glory and dreams coexist!

              2016The dream of the year is the call to set sail, the dawn of the Ming Dynasty is the clarion call to push people forward. It's just the so-called saying: if the golden year doesn't come again, it's hard to get back to the morning one day, and we should encourage them to go up to a higher level in time.In the new year, risine still puts the interests of customers first, and is committed to providing first-class solutions for thermal energy technology engineering, so as to promote the national thermal energy industry as a lifelong cause!

        Zhang Shi Li

        2016January 1st 2013

        Development History

        development history
        • 2014

          The plant planning of the new Japanese new production base has been successfully completed and successfully relocated; the national science and technology innovation fund project has been successfully completed and accepted by the expert group; the patent application task of Hefei intelle...

        • 2013

          It has been recognized as an intellectual property demonstration enterprise of Hefei city and a regulatory enterprise of Anhui Province; it has successfully developed a high temperature atmosphere carbon plate furnace; it has successfully cooperated with Pakistani customers and developed a 100 ton carbon fiber material production line.

        • 2012

          The company's scientific and technological innovation has achieved phased results, and the pre oxidation furnace project has been listed in the 2012 key new product plan of Anhui Provincial Department of science and technology, and has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Provincial Department of science and technology; one carbon fiber pre oxidation furnace has applied for two national patents.

        • 2011

          The preoxidation furnace project is listed as the science and technology innovation fund project of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; a number of innovative technologies such as the new thermal amination f...

        • 2010

          A year of strategic development of the company.Successfully completed the large-scale relocation; established the internal specialized and external market-oriented management mode of the enterprise; cooperated with Hefei University of technology to successfully prepare for the establishment of...

        • 2009

          Through the identification of innovative pilot enterprises in Hefei, it has become the "new industry university research experimental base" of Hefei University of technology.

        • 2008

          In cooperation with relevant research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has successfully developed a new preparation equipment for high-performance carbon fiber material production - preoxidation furnace, whose key technology has filled in the technical gap of relevant domestic industries; the company has passed ISO9001:2000 international standard quality management system certification; and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. 

        • 2007

          A year of overall accelerated development and strengthened standardization.Apply for Municipal Science and technology projects together with the school of materials of Hefei University of technology on the development of new carbon fiber material preparation equipment > > project; as the ...

        • 2006

          The company has carried out all-round resource integration in talent introduction, technical reserve, market development, etc., established a number of agencies in China, and established a professional after-sales service system.

        Enterprise Culture

        • Corporate vision

          The great success of Jiri and the great prosperity of the nation

        • Enterprise mission

          Committed to providing first-class solutions for thermal energy technology and Engineering

        • Enterprise values

          Sincerity, action, profession and altruism

        • Enterprise spirit

          Japan's new prosperity is full of ambition and Practice

        • Business purpose

          Products satisfy users 

          Work makes employees proud 

          Industry promotes national prosperity

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